Puzzle Projects X TT Liquor

17B Kingsland Road · Fri 27th Apr 18:30

Food and Cocktail Pairing
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Hard liquor for serious folk - that should be the motto for this bar. Ironically located in a 19th century police station, this liquor-store-cum-cocktail bar is something to behold. Pair it with a critically acclaimed chef who heads up the ridiculously successful immersive dining experience, Puzzle Projects, and you're in for one tantalising night for your tastebuds. So what will your 65 smackers get you? Expect a 5-course banquet of intricately crafted dishes, with each round accompanied by a mouthwatering cocktail - whipped up by TT's resident mixologist.

Tickets: £65

Telephone020 3131 3497
Friday 27th April
18:30 - 22:00
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