A Weirdly Beautiful Sandler Movie
Leicester Square
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We wouldn’t usually recommend seeing an Adam Sandler film for Valentine’s Day, but we’ll make an exception for Punch-Drunk Love. This off-beat, introverted romantic-comedy is Sandler’s best film (not hard) and one of director Paul Thomas Anderson’s weirdest. The film follows Barry Egan, a deeply unhappy executive for a novelty toiletries company whose life is governed by suppressed emotions and bursts of anger. His life is changed, however, when he meets Lena Leonard (Emily Watson). The unfolding love story is an empathetic and subversive look at the classic disturbed Sandler character that rings with genuine charm and sweetness whilst also being unsettlingly weird - which should set up what you have planned for later in the night nicely 😉. Plus, Phillip Seymour Hoffman is here doing his thing if you needed more convincing.

Tickets: £10

Thursday 14th February
18:10 - 20:00
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