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We don't know if you've noticed, but shit's moving at hyperspeed in the digital world, and it often feels like the 'real world' is lagging way behind. The internet is like Usain Bolt, while legislation and gender justice are Kevin James - and they're in a very, very mismatched race. This five-day convening at ICA brings together artists, technologists, cyberfeminists, and other rad folk to interrogate contemporary online spaces and determine how gender politics can keep up. We're particularly psyched for Glitch Shorts, a programme of short films by femme-identified artists that uses the concept of 'glitch' to construct a post-human subject; panels on black post-cyber feminism and reproductive justice in the digital sphere; and the Post-Cyber Live Programme, featuring multidisciplinary works by artists engaging with diverse technological practices. Check the website for more goodness, times, and tix.

Tickets: £3-8

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