Polly Nor: Airing my Dirty Laundry in Public

31 New Inn Yard

Illustrations Depicting Modern Anxieties
Free entry
Shoreditch High St
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Name another artist who so vividly and memorably captures the modern anxieties facing women in the modern age. We’ll wait. Polly Nor, huge on the ‘gram, is showing her work in the flesh for a few days in Shoreditch. To be honest, this bright, colourful illustrative art really suits Instagram but that doesn't mean you shouldn’t head down here to take a peek if you can. This is her third solo show after a super popular outing at the same gallery last year and it’s more of the same stuff, often featuring the embodied devil on her shoulder, luring her into the plentiful hazards of social media, negative body image, toxic relationships, friendship and sexuality. There’s gonna be a new collection of digital illustrations featuring a previously unseen 36 part series, plus new ceramic sculpture work and an immersive installation. Estimated dwell time: 30 mins

Tickets: Free entry

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