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Highbury & Islington
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Parkrun is the rapidly growing church for those looking to stretch their legs and get some fresh(ish) air on a Saturday morning. What started as 13 people running around Bushy Park has become a global phenomenon, with over 5 million people and counting having taken part in their weekly 5km runs which take place in parks all over the place. What really warms the cockles is how inclusive it is - there are pram pushers, elderly people and kids amongst the pack; it's a true example of how a fantastic idea can grow organically - run by volunteers with the only apparent ambition to get people of all ages running and feeling good. There are loads in London, in pretty much every park you'd care to mention, and it's really easy to register to take part in. You also receive plenty of useful bits of data on how you've performed post run.

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TicketsFree with registration
09:00 - 11:00
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