Park Nights 2017: Black Quantum Futurism

Kensington Gardens · Fri 18th Aug 20:00

Site-Specific Performance
Lancaster Gate
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So you've never heard of Black Quantum Futurism? Allow us to introduce you: it's an interdisciplinary collab between artists Camae Ayewa and Rasheedah Phillips advocating a new approach to living that collapses space-time into a desired future using tenets from quantum physics, futurist movements, and Black/African cultural traditions. Got it? Simple. Part of Serpentine's Park Nights programme, in which the gallery invites artists to create site-specific encounters at their new Pavilion, BQF will present a performance which centres around mythical time capsules that possess the ability to shape both the future and the past. It will weave science fiction with African diasporic concepts of time, ritual and sound, and is sure to be rad as fuck.

Tickets: £4-5

Telephone020 7402 6075
Friday 18th August
20:00 - 22:00
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