Pain and Pleasure: A Fine Line

7AD, Leake St · Thu 12th Jan 19:00

A Night of Science and Art
Tottenham Court Road
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With all the hubbub surrounding BDSM in the mainstream lately (you can thank that d-bag Christian Grey), it's about time we got to the bottom of the blurry line between pain and pleasure. This night at the Vaults, presented in collaboration with Pint of Science, aims to explore those dualistic impulses and how they intersect. The night will feature multiple events that draw both on art and science to make sense of it all. Expect body suspension artist Ben Bodecker do his thing, a lecture by UCL neuropharmacology professor Tony Dickenson, talks by artists who explore pain as a theme in their works, and poetry readings by Seki Lynch and Francis Byrne. Hurts so good.

Tickets: £8

Telephone020 7401 9603
Thursday 12th January
19:00 - 22:00

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