Other Side Fried @ Rumpus Room

20 Upper Ground, South Bank

Cocktails • Chicken
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Buckle your seat belts, kids, 'cos some major shizz is going down (or up?) at Rumpus Room's sexy rooftop bar. As part of their 'Tuesday Takeover' series, street food dons Other Side Fried will be seizing the kitchen with their sizzling fried chicken marvels. A stellar accompaniment to their impressive skyline views of London, bespoke cocktail menu and plush, 1920s-inspired decor. We went for the honey butter concoction, which was heaving with bacon, pickles and lettuce, whilst perfectly toasted buns mopped up the smoked honey butter sauce. For all out hedonistic fried chicken gluttony, go for their glistening chicken strips. Be prepared for your fingertips to get hella greasy though - chicken coated in crunchy ripples and lathered in kiev mayo makes for some seriously filthy grub... but we know that's how you like it, baby.

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