Open Kitchen #2: Freddie Janssen

71 Blandford Street · Sun 15th Jan 13:30

Experimental Tacos
Marble Arch
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Carousel is welcoming esteemed chefs from the continent in a culinary kiss-off to Brexit. The monthly series celebrates the unique cosmopolitanism of London's dining scene, thanks in part to the varied nationalities represented. For the second edition, catch Dutch transplant Freddie Janssen, a pickling pioneer who heads up F.A.T. pickles and formerly worked as a chef at Lyle's. Forty-five quid will get you a Mexican sharing feast, where zingy, experimental tacos are the star. The price also includes complimentary wines and surprise cocktails.

Tickets: £45

Telephone020 7487 5564
Sunday 15th January
13:30 - 16:00

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