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As you might have noticed, London is a city of buildings. And we're as guilty as anyone of not giving enough thought to the beauty, innovation and ingenuity behind some of London's best. This weekend that all changes. Open House is a huge event in the London calendar: a free weekend-long event that aims to educate us regular Joes on all things architecture by throwing open the doors to some of the city's most sought-after buildings and letting us nose around. The programme is big. And we mean really big. Divided into sections such as Hidden Gems, Award-Winning Projects and Design-For-Living, there's stuff as varied as forgotten tube stations in Crystal Palace, the Gherkin, tree houses in Kew and a waste management facility in Southwark. Some of the popular ones require booking in advance, so do that if you can. Create a realistic itinerary and get to it.

Tickets: Free

Telephone0207 383 2131
Saturday 16th September
12:00 - 21:00

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