Not Talking

24 Ashwin Street

Emotional Play About Communicating
Dalston Junction
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Our therapists always say communication is the most important part of any relationship - if that's true, the couples in Not Talking are doomed. Written by powerhouse playwright Neil Barlett, and originally performed as a radio show in 2005, this finely-tuned drama is about the pitfalls of communicating, and what happens when things get lost in the gulf between people. Amanda and Mark are young soldiers; Mark witnessed Amanda being raped by their superiors, and they haven't found a way to talk about it. James and Lucy have been together most of their lives, but they have never managed to discuss their lost child, his decision to be a conscientious objector in the war, and an affair. True to the play's theme, the couples address the audience and never each other; a piano punctuates their words, and the characters' monologues often mirror each other's, weaving improbable connections between them. It's a poignant mediation on things unsaid and the dangers of staying silent.

Tickets: £12-26

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