Nocturnal City: London-Barcelona

Strand · Sat 14th Oct 16:00

Interrogating Nightlife in the Two Cities
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Time for round two in Nocturnal City's event series exploring how other cities are tackling nightlife and how we can learn from them. This time, we're heading to the sizzling Spanish hotbed of electronica, technology, and raging Catalonian pride: Barcelona baby. The overall aim of this multi-disciplinary day is to see how urban hubs can learn from each other by looking at their new spaces and platforms, questioning how club culture could be made more inclusive, and how technological advances might help or hinder its evolution. That'll happen through various installations (including Boiler Room's Virtual Dancefloor), panel talks about DIY spaces for experimentation, documentary screenings and live performances.

Tickets: £10-15

Telephone020 7845 4600
Saturday 14th October
16:00 - 00:30
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