New Science of Anxiety, Depression and Addictive Behaviour

9-23 Marsham Street · Wed 13th Feb 18:45

The Ancient Origins of Modern Mental Health
St. James's Park
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If you told a prehistoric hunter-gatherer that in the future we'd have access to more resources than we could ever feasibly use and pocket super-computers that can store the entirety of humanity’s collective knowledge base, they might assume that life in this utopia would be pretty sweet. But a short conversation with any modern day city dweller will show that in reality we’re all anxious wrecks. Dr. Randolph Nesse has been trying to pin-point the evolutionary roots of our emotional fragility. Through case studies and anecdotes, Nesse explains how we developed anxiety and depression as vital survival techniques, and how they have become warped away from their original functions. He also explains other mental disorders like addiction and anorexia as results of the disconnect between our past needs and our present environments. It’s set to be a fascinating and entertaining talk that should give context to the next time you get heart palpitations trying to decide which alt-milk to post about on Instagram.

Tickets: £15-30

Wednesday 13th February
18:45 - 20:00
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