New Borders, New Boundaries: Fashion in a Shifting World

The Mall · Sat 17th Mar 10:00

Day of Talks
Piccadilly Circus
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We at Dojo like to think of ourselves as 'in the know', y'know? The kinds of people who know what's what and who's who. So listen up when we say that Eastern Europe is pumping out some seriously hot designers right now. Whilst fashion was once viewed with suspicion, it is now all the rage, with some weird, wonky and fierce pieces coming through. The ICA is hosting a day of talks to pay homage to this new emerging trend: exploring how fashion is embracing global borders, and how the crisis of displacement is affecting the industry.

Tickets: £12-14

Telephone020 7930 3647
Saturday 17th March
10:00 - 16:30
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