Nature of the Hunt: Harman Bains

44 Bonner Road

Monstrous Female in Film
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Cambridge Heath
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Paranoid, insatiable, jealous and evil - it kinda sounds like the nicknames of a band you really don't want to listen to. But those adjectives also quite neatly sum up the way the ‘monstrous female’ has been depicted in horror films, the subject of Harman Bains’ project Nature of the Hunt at Auto Italia East. In her 20-minute film comprised of some of the most iconic scenes of women in horror films, Bains breaks down how these representations subvert masculine traditions. It makes for some grim viewing, but Bains makes a radical feminist statement out of all that cinematic violence. And if grim viewing is your kind of thing anyway, there’s a handy list of films provided to inspire your next movie night.

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