Multi-Sensory Electronic Bangers • £13.75
Piccadilly Circus
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It's pretty much impossible to pigeonhole Murlo into one specific genre, the London-based producer has been dabbling in everything from electronica, bass line, grime and R&B (aka all the good stuff). Since releasing his debut work in 2011, he's been climbing his way up to become one of the UK's most recognised producers. His talents don't just stop there, though - he's also a super skilled illustrator, which is why this unique show at the ICA is gonna be so dope. Watch him play both his classics and unreleased bangers, all while his illustrations animate during a multi-sensory light show. You can't pass this up.

Tickets: £13.75

Telephone020 7930 3647
Saturday 14th October
19:00 - 22:00
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