Mulholland Drive At Rooftop Film Club

Stratford Multistorey Car Park · Sat 19th Aug 20:15

Lynch With a View
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It's pretty unanimously regarded as one of the defining films of the 21st century (so far, at least), so we'll always welcome a chance for a little big-screen Lynch action, better yet if it's with a panoramic view of the city - and it is. This multi-layered, complex, homoerotic film noir follows the story of a wannabe Hollywood starlet who borrows an apartment (this was before Airbnb was a thing, let's all remember) to find it already occupied by a stranger with amnesia. It's a flurry of disjointed dream-psyche, mystery and chills - and sixteen years later, it certainly still holds its own.

Tickets: £15

Telephone020 7515 7153
Saturday 19th August
20:15 - 23:00
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