Minjung Kim: The Memory of Process

25-26 Mason's Yard

Paper-based Funsies
Free entry
Piccadilly Circus
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Minjung Kim was trained in Korean watercolour painting and calligraphy from the age of nine, the age when most of us were inadvertently strangling each other in the playground with skipping ropes. Now, Kim’s prodigal skills are more than evident in her deft collages that use hanji, a super strong material made from the dried inner bark of a tree native to Korea. Her repetitive mark making looks meditative, as if the pieces were laboriously made while in a trance. Although there are clear stylistic nods to her heritage throughout, there’s also a modernism and energy to the work that veers away from classical Eastern Art. Instead, her pieces feel focussed on exploring all the ways to manipulate her hanji material, which she has been doing ever since she was very young and given scraps of paper to play with by her dad. Meanwhile, we’re all still using skipping ropes in exactly the same way.

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