Queer Fit: Vogue, Yoga + Conditioning
Peckham Rye
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You needn't kick yourself for not keeping to your gym resolutions - it's normally the first one to go. Which person, if they're really honest with themselves, wants to drag themselves through the cold and rain to self-inflict pain in an iron cage? And not even in the kinky way. Thank goddess for Jay Jay Revlon who's trying to inject some spice into our exercise. His contribution to this year's LGBTQ History Month is some queer fitness classes so we can keep up our New Year energy. This is Jay Jay we're talking about, so obvs there's gonna be Waacking and Voguing, but also some yoga and core conditioning to switch things up and keep em cute, nah mean?

Tickets: £5

Telephone020 7635 8844
Wednesday 20th February
18:00 - 21:00
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