Maisie Cousins: Grass, Peony, Bum

59 Riding House Street

Beauty and the Grotesque
Free entry
Oxford Circus
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"We all produce and emit things. We’re made to look like these hard objects but we’re soft. Our bodies are living, breathing, slimy entities… They’re not polite objects." We're beautiful, we're grotesque. That's the takeaway message from Maisie Cousins and her erotic, visceral photography that capture the female body and other sensual objects with an unflinching honesty and humour that really confront expectations and ideals. She's showing how we all bleed, leak and shit no matter what we may like to tell ourselves and other people. At her first solo show here, her work touches on sensuality, body image and indulgence. Along with the photography here you'll notice something in the air - a specially designed scent that's supposed to add to the whole experience, making it all immersive and that.

Tickets: Free entry

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