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Herne Hill
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You know as well as we do that there are around six evenings in summer when it's plausible to comfortably watch a flick under the stars, but let's indulge in a little delusion, eh? Luna Cinema are one of the major players in the world of open air cinema and this year they have a shit load of films being shown in such picturesque places as Brockwell Lido, Geffrye Museum and the Horniman Museum. There are, kinda predictably, the usual favourites - heavy hitters like Dirty Dancing, Top Gun and Notting Hill - but keep your eyes peeled for Dunkirk (Brockwell Lido, June 21st), Blade Runner 2049 (Greenwich Park, July 13), and a few other recent releases. Luna do what they do pretty well - check the full programme but most definitely check the weather beforehand, too.

Tickets: £15

Friday 18th May
18:00 - 23:00
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