Chinese Regional Cooking
Cambridge Heath
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How much do you really know about Chinese regional cooking? Ellen Parr and Pete Kelly might know a little. They've set up shop under the railway arches of Cambridge Heath station to show you what they can do. Their menu is a tasting tour of the country: you've got your Xinjiang cumin lamb ribs hailing from the province of North-West China and their Bang Bang chicken salad showing off the real spicy spice of Sichuan cooking. They'll also be celebrating central China with their Xi’an style potatoes and heading further south along the ancient tea route with steamed fish, black beans and tea leaf salad from the Yunnan province on the border of Vietnam. Sounds like a lot to take in doesn't it? Well luckily the whole space will be decked out with soothing pink lighting and kitsch flowers. Finish your evening at their cocktail bar next door - New Leaf.

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