LSFF: English Pastoral - Better in Your Day

The Mall · Mon 14th Jan 18:30

Shorts on the English Idyll • 14.01
Piccadilly Circus
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Nostalgia for pastoral England has gotten a bit of a bad rep recently what with the whole Brexit thing. You can’t even be seen eating a strawberry on the tube any more without some Guardian reader calling you a bigot. But it’s probably about time we took a good look at the imperialist undertones of the collective nostalgia for the England of yore, and this collection of films at the London Short Film Festival is as good a place as any to do so. The collection will show public information films and privately funded nature documentaries from the 50s and 70s contrasted against newer work from Peter Strickland, Marcy Saude and Tash Tung, in an attempt to ask where exactly the English idyll comes from. Expect rolling hills, country pubs, and maybe a roaming knight or two.

Tickets: £14

Monday 14th January
18:30 - 20:00
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