London Mime Festival 2019

Silk Street · Wed 9th Jan 18:00

Weird and Wonderful Visual Theatre
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At the risk of disappointing you, London Mime Festival is not about people pretending to be in boxes or walking down non-existent stairs. This underrated festival finds some of the most talented theatre performers from around the world taking part in physical performances; a diverse, intriguing world of visual theatre that will be unlike anything you've laid eyes on before. This year finds plenty of performances, silent films and workshops taking place in all the usual spots (Barbican, Sadler's Wells, Southbank Centre...), tackling themes such as global warming, ageing and redemption. Turns out mime is pretty woke. Our picks from the bill include Gandini Juggling & Alexander Whitley: Spring (Jan 31st-Feb 2nd), where five jugglers meet four dancers to explore the nature of colour; and Gecko: The Wedding (January 24th-26th) in which physical theatre company Gecko tackle issues such as isolation and community through dance. If you live in London for the purpose of seeing interesting shizz, this is just the kind of thing you should try.

Tickets: £10-18

Wednesday 9th January
18:00 - 22:00
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