Life With The Kennedys: Photographs by Mark Shaw

32 John Adam Street

Intimate Portraits
Free entry
Charing Cross
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Humans are a nosy bunch. Which explains why biopics do so well in the cinema, why we know so many obscure facts about Bill Murray, and also why a worryingly large amount of people are addicted to the Daily Mail’s infamous Sidebar of Shame. The latest nosh to feed your prying nose with comes in the form of a photography exhibition by acclaimed LIFE photojournalist Mark Shaw who documented the lives of Jacqueline Kennedy and her husband John F. during his presidential campaign. There’s somber overtones as it turns out that Shaw, like his good friend John, had a premature death, but you wouldn’t think it from these intimate, warm and insightful pics. Let the good times roll on your 60s-era Camera Roll. Estimated dwell time: 30 minutes.

Tickets: Free entry

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