Silent Ethical Porn with Live Music
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Lick it right, lick it good, watch queer feminist ethical porn just like you should. That’s how the song goes, right? Thought so. As luck would have it, you can stimulate the old erogenous zones with a silent porn screening on Saturday, accompanied by a live score. This regular event is the brainchild of alternative art platforms Fecunda Lab and the Crossmodalist Cabaret, and this week they'll be featuring 'Devour' by Poppy Sanchez and 'The Terminal Position & The Wet nurse and Her Diabolical Concern' by Marc Blackie (what a mouthful). The idea is to normalise and de-stigmatise alternative porn, especially the feminist, fetish and non-cishet variety, because we’re bored of that shit. So that means out with all the fake grunting and moaning, and in with the band and the live audience. Happy days.

Tickets: £11.21

Saturday 20th May
22:00 - 23:55
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