Late at Tate Britain: Truth

Millbank · Fri 7th Dec 18:00

Art in a Post-Truth World
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This month’s late at Tate Britain is all about truth in a post-truth world - honest, we’re not making it up. There will be the usual mix of interesting creative types (musicians, designers, illustrators) all responding to the idea that objective facts are far less influential in shaping our political and social landscapes than appeals to emotion. There will be music from Reprezent Radio alongside a multimedia installation from artist Morgan Hislop, as well as some DIY primal rock theatrics from Bonesandtheaft; workshops and discussions on fake news and media distrust; plus access to all the exhibitions currently on. All this plus bevs really confirms our belief that lates are the best way to explore the bigger galleries.

Tickets: Free

Friday 7th December
18:00 - 21:30
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