Kris Lemsalu: 4Life

St James’s

A Weird Look at Life
New Cross Gate
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Kris Lemsalu, where animals are humans, beauty is ugliness and the strange figures which inhabit the Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art are a cross between fetishist taxidermy and ancient totemic statues. Concerned with the processes of birth, death, and what she terms 'the bit in-between’, this show examines life from the sometimes humorous, sometimes macabre lens of Lemsalu’s eye. Beautifully detailed ceramics and rich tapestry work is placed alongside dirty clothes and debris in a challenge to traditional hierarchies placed on aesthetics and art. Some of this stuff requires a bit of a head scratch and a think, but this is Goldsmiths so this exhibit was never going to be a series of easily digestible oil paintings now, was it? Estimated dwell time: 45 mins

Tickets: Free

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