Burlington House

Apogee of Austrian Avant-Garde
Green Park
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*Some galleries have weird hours over the festive period so please call or check their Instagram before turning up* Folks, this is a big one. The two bad boys of Viennese modernism join forces for an epic show at the RA. Klimt, famous for his towering paintings of the Austrian elite made with gold leaf, was a pioneering thinker who pushed against the boundaries of painting and created some of the era's most erotically charged masterpieces. His pupil Egon Schiele, champion of the depraved and the archetypical tortured artist, holds a place as one of the true bad asses of 20th century art - managing to get locked up and have a judge literally burn one of his more offensive paintings at his trial. This collection of drawings contains some of Schiele’s finest, most raw and disturbing work along with some epic sketches from Klimt. Expect a revealing look into two geniuses that, 100 years after their deaths, continue to scandalise like no others. Estimated dwell time: 1 hour

Tickets: £16

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