Thai Supper Club
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Cow and Field is a two person supper club operation run by Sam Cowley and Lizzie Stansfield (cute what they did with their names). They're both chefs and both feel strongly about parties. This Saturday they're at Palm 2 in Clapton putting on a Thai feast backed by a jungley playlist - think General Levy mixed with insect noises on an 80s boombox. Before you've got your head round the soundtrack, you'll have a burnt pineapple margarita thrust firmly into your hand, followed by all sorts of Thai edibles. Think grilled chicken, puffball mushroom, venison laap, wok-fried crayfish, lotus leaf jackfruit rice and, to finish, the mighty sounding burnt peaches and ice cream. Because jungle is massive, right?

Tickets: £35

Saturday 10th November
19:00 - 23:00
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