Julie Cockburn: All Work and No Play

21 Cork Street

Embroidery Interventions
Green Park
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Calling the super-thoughtful and highly technical work of Julie Cockburn 'collages' doesn't quite do them justice. But sometimes the Dojo Bank of Vocab runs dry, so collages is what you're getting. She begins by hunting for vintage 1940s-1970s photos of poised strangers, heading to junk shops and occasionally diving into skips. Then she attentively builds upon these nostalgic black and white images with meticulous hand embroidery, requiring seriously nimble handy work. The idea of these 'interventions' as she calls them, is to explore who the sitter is, identifying their hidden characteristics that lay beneath the surface. There's far more to this than immediately meets the eye, including the challenging of femininity, memory, and a critique of the handmade versus cheap mass production. Head here for a harkening all the way back to the #nofilter age.

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