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This play imparts an important life lesson: never, ever take your decaying relationship on holiday. Elias (Tom Mothersdale) and Jenny (Anneika Rose) are a young couple on the outs, driving back to their home in Brooklyn after visiting Jenny's parents. They make a stopover in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (home of problematic civil war reenactments), taking up lodging in a chintzy B&B packed to the brim with creepy dolls and other geriatric accoutrements. It's here - in this uncanny, claustrophobic space - that we witness the dissolution of their relationship. Penned by Annie Baker (whose Pulitzer Prize-winning play, The Flick, had a sold out run at the National in 2016), John is a slow burn - Baker doesn't rush the three-hour run time, letting her flair for piercing dialogue and sympathetic characterisation really shine through. It's subtly unsettling, and well worth a watch.

Tickets: £15-50

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