Joan Cornellà

402 Cremer Street

Satirising the Sinister
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Illustrator and cartoonist Joan Cornellà is something of a celeb these days, so naturally we're quite hyped to have him touching down in London for a showcase of his fucked up, surreal and deeply humorous cartoons. His work always follow a familiar pattern: an unconventional scenario depicts some kind of inequality, hypocrisy or cruelty inherit in the world, with characters holding a fixed gaze and plastered-on smile. The thing that's really brought Cornellà into the public eye is his willingness to go anywhere and everywhere with what he depicts: from racism to suicide, infanticide to disabilities, no subject is off limits. He's reflecting the very worst of human nature, satirising the sinister. Some aren't into this stuff, claiming it to be too much but we think you can handle it.

Tickets: £5

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