John Akomfrah: Purple

Silk Street

Video Installation About Climate Change
Opens at 11:00
Free entry
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Having been blown away by Richard Mosse's monochrome video installation about the refugee crisis earlier this year, Barbican's Curve host another powerful, beautiful piece of socially-conscious film. This time it's British artist and filmmaker John Akomfrah who's created his most ambitious project to date: an immersive six-channel video installation that addresses climate change, human communities and the wilderness. This is a super engaged piece of art, with a whole host of ideas being brought into what is surely the big conversation of our time. That includes animal extinctions, the memory of ice, the plastic ocean and global warming. It's a combo of archive footage and a hypnotic, ethereal sound score to produce a real powerful rumination on the state of humanity and their natural environment. You'd really ought to see it.

Tickets: Free entry

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