Jean-Philippe Dordolo: Fliegen ohne Flügel

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Flat Colour Lolsies
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Sloane Square
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Finding out this exhibition’s title is the German translation of ‘Flying Without Wings’ and realising you’ve got an entire new language to have Westlife lols in is only the beginning of the comedy you’ll find with the work of Jean-Philippe Dordolo. The French-born artist is into banana humour and the irony of pastel shades, which already makes him an esteemed friend of ours. The flatness of his paintings, the generalisations they make about objects like tables or fruit, and his playfulness with negative space all lend themselves to making his work the best kind of subversive - being genuinely funny. There is also an 8-minute video of him on the internet pretending to chisel and sculpt an invisible copy of Michelangelo’s David. And that’s all we need to say. Estimated dwell time: 45 minutes.

Tickets: Free entry

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