James Lavelle: Daydreaming with UNKLE Presents...THE ROAD: SOHO

11 Rathbone Place

Exploring a Music Movement
Free entry
Tottenham Court Road
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Founder of the music collective UNKLE, electronic musician and all-round creative sort James Lavelle is pretty obsessed with the collision of music, fashion and art. So obsessed, in fact, that he's seized some space to put on an exhibition about it. This exhibition is a unique and interactive survey of his British music collective UNKLE based mainly on their Soho roots, London's hub of counter-culture. You can check video installations and hear the forthcoming album exclusives with Keaton Henson, Mark Lanegan and Eska. In addition to paintings and special edition prints by a diverse group of artists, the gallery will host a series of events including talks and film screenings. This is about celebrating the past, present and future of a super creative collective.

Tickets: Free entry

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