Jake & Dinos Chapman: The Disasters of Everyday Life

4 Hanover Square

Twisted Depictions of Existence
Opens at 10:00
Free entry
Oxford Circus
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Jake & Dinos Champan are pretty impressive. Not only do they make dark, disturbing and humorous works that reflect the absurd brutishness of the contemporary age but they also manage to spend significant time with their brother without committing fratricide. This much-anticipated show finds them taking some inspo from the famous Romanticist Spanish painter Francisco Goya and his dark, unflinching etchings entitled The Disasters of War. The Chapman bros have basically used their infamous humour and wit to twist, distort and fuck with these etchings to depict turmoil and violence. You can expect to see gargoyle armies, glittered massacres, dismembered limbs and contorted faces: in some ways funny, in some ways disturbing. Almost guaranteed to get you feeling all conflicted with their witty points of protest about human barbarity. Also look out for seven bronzes of suicide vests which have been painstakingly put together based on online images.

Tickets: Free entry

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