Jacky Tsai: Reincarnation

3 Hanover Square

McQueen's Memento Mori
Opens at 11:00
Oxford Circus
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Memento moris - translated from the Latin, 'remember you will die,' are usually very morbid, often quite depressing, and rarely stylish. Yet death has never looked so chic as in this much-talked-about show which sees the designer of the iconic Alexander McQueen floral skull take this motif and turn it into a monumental leather 'skullpture' that looms in the gallery space of Unit London. Alongside the skull, this show explores the themes that Jacky Tsai's body of work likes to grapple with, notably the superstition and fear associated with death in Chinese culture. Blooming from the bones; the flowers, butterflies and bees in Tsai’s beautifully creepy installations celebrate the beauty in decay as well as providing a throwback to one of the UK's most legendary designers.

Open DatesOpen from Nov 9 - Dec 22
11:00 - 19:00
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