Imagining the Future
Aldgate East
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Call us deluded, sexy optimists if you have to, but we’ll never stop hoping for a better tomorrow. Luckily, given our technical capabilities, we're not the only ones. Taking inspo from the iconic 1956 show This is Tomorrow at the same gallery, this exhibition finds 10 groups of artists, architects and other cultural practitioners exploring what might happen if they worked together and let their imaginations run wild. Sure we’ve got a few challenges right now, such as big data, bioengineering and climate change but this is about finding solutions in whatever form that might be. Like queer desire, house music and fracking meeting on a mountainside; grief and microbes generating new possibilities for housing; or machines dispensing objects and emotions to help us get by. That might sound fanciful but so did Blu-ray and look how that turned out! Through models, art, film, objects and environments, expect to find some intriguing and innovative approaches to tackling problems from natural resources and migration to technology and spirituality. Estimated dwell time: 1 hour 30 mins

Tickets: £12.95

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