Mindfullness 101
South Bermondsey
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If you've been hearing a lot about mindfulness in the past few years but feel like it's too late to ask someone what it is without looking like an idiot, this could be the day for you. It's a four-hour workshop in which you'll learn the foundational principles behind what mindfulness is and how it can benefit you; you'll learn some different postures for formal meditation; you'll have two guided meditation sessions; and you'll learn techniques like mindful walking and other ways of working mindfulness practices into your everyday life. There will be a big communal vegan lunch (which everyone will bring a contribution to - although no worries if you wanna just bring food for you for health reasons), and there is a sliding scale for pricing to fit any and all financial situations. A great day for a great cause and you may just alter your life for the better.

Tickets: 50p-£18

Telephone020 7635 9470
Saturday 8th December
11:30 - 15:30
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