Hyon Gyon

14 Wharf Road

Collisions of Colour
Old Street
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Hyon Gyon uses her creative process as a form of catharsis. She purges herself of her demons and energetically acts out the awful hallucinations and terror-stricken visions that haunt her psyche. Whether or not Parasol Unit will be fine with a similar emotional break down from the viewers is a different matter, but feel free to approach these dramatic artworks with a similar sense of emotional volatility. Gyon sets herself apart by the innovative techniques she uses, taking a soldering iron to silk to create a sizzling, chaotic surface. The main floor sees a huge work consisting of various panels telling the immediate aftermath of a nuclear bomb: screams, melting figures and disembodied eyes all make for a visceral, if not slightly jarring piece. Estimated dwell time: 30 mins

Tickets: Free

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