The House of Peroni Infused with Italy

3-10 Shoreditch High Street

Cocktails, Pasta & Vibez
Shoreditch High St
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Remember The House of Peroni and all their grand plans? Well this time it's kicking off in Shoreditch with another immersive extravaganza. They've gone in heavy on the citrus: bountiful oranges and lemons line the walls, cocktails are all manner of fruity, and even the pizza has a light zesting - surprisingly refreshing stuff. Big up Francesco Mazzei for sticking fresh pasta in a wheel of parmesan and letting it get all melty in front of our eyes before letting us at it. We get awkward sometimes, but the set design provides all sorts of respite to conversational lulls. 'Is that your washing hanging up?' 'Shall I hop on this bike and pick you up some melons at the fruttivendolo?', and other such role play. So grab your Instagram significant other and get snap happy - you'll leave feeling thoroughly infused with Italian culture. What's that subtle scent you're wearing? It's Italy mate. In partnership with Peroni Nastro Azzurro

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