Home, I'm Darling

South Bank

Anti-Feminist Feminist Play
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Financial independence and equal rights are fab and all, but damn, being a lady today is hard work. Women have to wade through the murky waters of latent, socially-ingrained sexism whilst trying to advance at the workplace and perform most of the unpaid domestic labour and be sexualised near constantly... man, we're tired even writing this. No wonder Judy - the protagonist of Home, I'm Darling - eschews contemporary lady life in favour of a retro model for womanhood... and, tbh, we could also be tempted by the early-seasons Mad Men aesthetic. This funny, incisive play from Laura Wade follows 1950s-fetishist Judy and her husband Jonny, who live a traditional domestic life inspired by the era, complete with geometric wallpaper and round-the-clock poodle skirts. They push against the tide of modern life in their little bubble, where Judy plays the doting housewife role and Jonny brings home the bacon. Some outside forces soon begin to creep in, and Judy is forced to confront the paradigm for womanhood she lives by. *Advance tickets are sold out, but check website for information on rush and day tickets.

Tickets: £15-20

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