Heroes, Superstars and Idols

42 Pollard Row · Sun 9th Dec 19:00

Cabaret v Cancer
Cambridge Heath
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For many, this year's festivities will be muted by that shitty disease called cancer. Most of us have known somebody who's suffered from it or been impacted by it, but thanks to the money raised by events like this one it's becoming less of the death sentence it once was. Cabaret V Cancer and Beyond The Cabaret have teamed up and assembled a mahoosive lineup of queer performers, drag queens and kings who'll be channeling some of our greatest celebrities and icons. Then of course there's all the obligatory cheesey Christmasy stuff like the raffle and the tombola, but to be fair the prizes look pretty sick. We've got our eye on the tickets to Torture Garden and the set of vintage glasses. Hands off, you.

Tickets: £10

Sunday 9th December
19:00 - 21:00
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