Queer Disco Pop • £23.50
Goldhawk Road
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If a big queer party isn't where you wanna be on a Friday, are you even doing London right? Step into our office and let us explain why. DJ and multi-instrumentalist Andy Butler has a musical project called Hercules & Love Affair, where he makes some of the best Disco Pop tunes going. He's worked with the legendary Anohni herself, Kele Okereke and Faris Badwan, just to name a few. Here you expect to be greeted by a few special guests, lots of confetti, and even more bodies just losing it to the music. You can't really pass up on a queer turn-up like this.

Tickets: £23.50

Telephone020 8354 3300
Friday 8th December
19:30 - 23:00
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