Henry Hudson: Nothing Sticks to Nothing

4 Holly Grove

Plasticine Pink Paintings
Peckham Rye
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Do you ever catch a whiff of Play-Doh and think back to the culinary delights of your infancy, indulging in a nibble of that brightly coloured plasticine clay? Well Henry Hudson has apparently never moved past that period of his life as he uses the material prolifically in his paintings - a vivid, pink selection of which now fill the walls of Hannah Barry Gallery. The pink also extends to the floor where Hudson has made an imitation marble spillage made of polished plaster mixed with glue that looks like someone stabbed Kirby and left it to bleed out. It provides an extra layer of eeriness to the wintry landscape paintings which ought to be calming, but whose fleshy mounds of plasticine and wax remind us of bodily fluids and organs. Who knew pink could be such an unsettling colour? Estimated dwell time: 30 mins

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