Authorship and Objectivity • Theatre
Shepherd's Bush Mkt
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The question of how to (or whether we should) separate the artist from their work has become particularly salient in the current age of public revelations and disturbing allegations - we're looking at you, Woody/Spacey/Weinstein and the rest of the pervy old man club. This sharp, punchy play delves into that tricky question of authorship with a hall-of-mirrors narrative that challenges our notions of objectivity in storytelling. The play follows a reclusive author named Heather who creates a wildly successful fantasy series, catapulting her to international stardom. It is told through a series of conversations between her and her literary agent, Harry - and we're gunna stop ourselves from saying anything more, 'cause the next stop is spoiler central. What we can tell you is that it's a tricksy bugger that packs a bunch of twists into its taut, hourlong runtime.

Tickets: £10-15

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