#Hashtag Lightie

24 Ashwin St

Play Exploring Mixed Race Identity
Dalston Junction
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What does being mixed race in Britain mean today? Probably a lot of bullshit comments like 'What are you?' and 'If you're from Africa, why are you so white?' It also means occupying an in-between space, often being neither white enough nor black enough. This play - returning to Arcola after a sold-out run last year - explores the liminality of mixed race identity in Britain with a biting wit and a whole heap of sass. When one of her videos goes viral, YouTuber and self-proclaimed Queen of the Selfie, Ella, must confront some very #real issues about beauty, race, and self-love. While the social media storyline might feel a little on the nose, the play tackles an important topic that deserves way more than 75 minutes of exploration, and sends out an important message about what it means to be beautiful. Select performances will be followed by a Q+A and informal chat with the cast and creative team.

Tickets: £12-17

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