Grrrl Zine presents Feminist Christmas Fair

Norton Quays, Royal Albert Wharf · Sat 9th Dec 11:00

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You may think you've seen all the xmas fair scene has to offer - arts 'n' crafts makers? Been there, done that. Artisan food and wine stalls? Oh, please. Christmas themed workshops? Come on now, who do they think you are. Thankfully, Grrrl Zine Fair are here to shake up the xmas market game with a whole lotta sass. There will be self-publishers and badass zine-makers galore - selling their wares and words to the London riff-raff - as well as Christmas film screenings. But we're not talking Love Actually, oh no, think more along the lines of Tangerine, a film that follows a transgender sex worker on Christmas Eve as she finds out her boyfriend and pimp is cheating on her. Y'know, the proper stuff. Expect free workshops where you can learn how to make festive feminist wrapping and bunting, decorative baubles, and cards that you probs wouldn't send to your nan.

Tickets: Free

Saturday 9th December
11:00 - 18:00
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