Story of French Electronic Music
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Old Street
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Who wouldn't want to be part of a musical movement? Especially when it's all sexy and French as the French electronica movement is. This charts its entire history: the DJs, artists, photographers, clubs and figures who played a role in getting the scene to where it is today. It'll feature photographs, film and artwork and document the culture that surrounds the scene and all those iconic moments caught on camera. Including Laurent Garnier, Jack de Marseille, Black Devil Disco Club, I:Cube, Gilb’r, Antinote Records, Jayhem (Kojak), Chateau Perché, Pierre Henry, Jean-Jaques Perrey, Jean Jacques Birgé, Jean Michel Jarre, DJ Paulette, Isabel Guilet, Lo Recordings and more. We won't pretend like we've heard of all of them.

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